10 nutrition lifestyle recommendations to boost thyroid function

10 nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to boost thyroid function and restore vitality

Approximately 10% of women suffer from an under active thyroid, (otherwise known as hypothyroidism) and often they find themselves living in a “zombie” like state, experiencing debilitating symptoms that have a huge impact on their quality of life.

Once diagnosed (often with the help of a Functional Medicine Practitioner / Nutritionist who can arrange a Full Thyroid test) there are so many nutrition and lifestyle changes that can be made to improve thyroid hormone levels.

My top 10 tips on how to boost your thyroid function


Iodine is a trace element & component of thyroid hormone so ensure that your diet includes iodine food sources such as seafood (e.g prawns & crayfish), sea vegetables such as dulse, kelp or nori or use iodised salt. It is also included in dairy foods so vegans and vegetarians may be at risk of deficiency as they avoid dairy and seafood food groups.


Selenium is a trace element that is needed for the conversion of T4 to T3 so ensure that you eat selenium food sources daily to support this conversion and optimal levels. Sources include brazil nuts, walnuts, mushrooms avocados, fish and cereal grains.


Zinc is another trace element required for the conversion of T4 to T3 and good sources include meat, especially red meat, fish, seafood, some nuts and seeds and lentils.


The amino acid Tyrosine is a precursor to thyroid hormone. Meat, dairy and wheat are rich sources but if you typically avoid these foods eat pumpkin seeds daily and avocados when they are in season.

Essential Fats

Eating a portion of Essential Fats at every meal which includes extra virgin olive oil, flaxseed oil, raw unsalted nuts and seeds, avocados and oily fish, will improve thyroid hormone levels as our cell receptors become more able to take up thyroid hormone.

Liver detoxification

Eating foods that boost both liver function & detoxification is key as your liver is involved in the conversion of thyroid hormones as well as boosting your metabolism which is lowered with under active thyroid. These are easy to include in your diet and include garlic, onions, beetroot, eggs, leeks, apples, turmeric and cinnamon.

Low glycaemic foods

Eating low glycaemic foods is recommended to help normalise metabolism which is lowered with hypothyroidism causing weight gain. Low glycaemic foods include green leafy vegetables, berries, wholegrains.


Exercising daily especially in mornings can help boost thyroid hormone levels as it helps to stimulate your thyroid gland for thyroid hormone production as well as boosting metabolism.


Lowering stress levels is key as stress increases cortisol levels which in turn decreases production of the key Thyroid stimulating hormone as well as inhibiting conversion of T4 to T3. Stress relief steps such as yoga, practising meditation and even acupuncture can be helpful.

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy such as a cold shower to middle and lower back to stimulate your adrenals which support thyroid function, and / or short cold spray to thyroid after warm bath / shower to stimulate thyroid hormone production.


Note: there is a new updated article called “What is the best support thyroid supplement” publish November 2022

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