Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year 2022

Hi Everyone,

To all my clients this year and those who keep in touch via my Newsletters plus supplement sourcing a big thank you – I absolutely love working with you all! A quick message to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy healthy 2023 and a thought for your New Year habits!

Every day we listen to/hear/read soundbites regarding “how to be healthy”, including attention seeking headlines on the latest research stating dramatic health outcomes and predictions (both good and bad).

This can at times be overwhelming and present challenges in navigating what you should be focusing on nutritionally and lifestyle wise to achieve optimal health for you.
Seeking help to develop a personalised Nutrition Programme including Functional Medicine tests to assess your health status and developing a targeted action plan to rectify any imbalances, deficiencies or disease to promote wellness is without doubt a fantastic health investment but

Question What can I do on a daily practical level in 2023 without engaging in a Personalised Health Programme which will improve my health status ?
Answer – Focus on Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Why ? Because maintaining steady “in range” blood sugar levels affects so many areas of our health and supports both short term health benefits such as energy, mood, a stable weight and hormone balance as well as long term prevention of more serious health conditions including prediabetes/diabetes, heart disease, and dementia.

So 10 things that may affect your Blood Sugar and therefore to practise in 2023
1. Avoid skipping meals especially Breakfast ( blood sugar is likely to be higher after lunch and dinner as a result)
2. Move after eating ( any movement after eating lowers blood sugar/ reduces potential blood sugar spikes)
3. Take Regular Exercise ( exercise makes your cells more sensitive to insulin and improves blood sugar control)
4. Include sufficient Protein in your meals ( protein is the key macronutrient for stabilizing blood sugar- taking this to its extreme your first mouthful at mealtimes should be protein )
5. Stay Hydrated throughout the day (less water in your body means your blood sugar is more concentrated)
6. Focus on your gut health ( your gut produces hormones that help lower blood sugar levels)
7. Get Natural Light Exposure daily ( lack of sunlight is linked to pancreatic dysfunction and it’s our pancreas that secretes insulin)
8. Prioritise Sleep ( lack of sleep increases inflammation and potential for poor blood sugar management)
9. Build Time Out into your schedule ( stress increases risk of insulin resistance)
10. Maintain optimal Oral Health ( poor oral health weakens body’s ability to use insulin & control blood sugar)

So enjoy every minute of the forthcoming festive eating and drinking but let don’t forget thses 10 tips for 2023!!!!

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