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Assisting with body composition / weight loss

Samantha contacted me as she was unhappy with her body shape and seeming inability to lose the weight where she wanted (around her thighs) despite following a vert strict diet plan which she meticulously logged on the app MyFitnessPal.

At age 37 life was pretty hectic for Samantha – 2 young children, full time job in the City, plus fitting in regular exercise so any recommendations / changes we agreed to support her health goal would need to be simple, practical and easily accessible.

Following a Functional Medicine analysis of her 5 page health questionnaire, it was clear that Samantha’s diet was missing some essential nutrients which support weight loss as well as hormone balance. The 2 are inextricably linked i.e. – without hormone balance, weight loss will be much harder / almost impossible to achieve.

My initial consultation with Samantha focused on reviewing her food and lifestyle diary and showing her the food groups that she was missing and explaining the science behind why these foods were so important and how they would help her achieve her goals. For example “Essential Fats” because they are essential as they are critical for hormone production and balance, as well as helping support metabolism and weight loss. I gave her practical ideas which could be incorporated into her busy life so that she was eating a source of good fats at every meal. I also included some life style recommendations aimed at improving her sleep and promoting greater relaxation into her week as these are also both important for weight loss, a fact that I hope we are increasingly becoming aware of.

After 3 further consultations with Samantha (3 months later), she had seen a slow but steady change in her body composition – less weight around her thighs and middle. The most significant change perhaps had been her mindset change and her relationship with food. It was no longer the norm for her to eat no carbohydrates but to eat what I call gentle carbohydrate foods in the right proportions together with quality protein sources and essential fats on her plate. Samantha learnt to enjoy her food more, “let go” of weighing and logging her foods on her app. She learnt to listen to her body, nourishing it with whole natural foods as well as more more sleep and restorative exercise whenever possible as opposed to over-stressing the body with high intensity exercise.

Samantha and I agreed after 4 months of working together that given what she had achieved in terms of the changes in her body composition and weight loss and her mindset change that she was ready to be let go and follow the principles of eating that we had agreed. She recently contacted me to say that her experience of Nutritional Therapy has inspired her to start an online nutrition course and add to her knowledge of how it can help in other areas of health which in itself is an inspiring ending to our working together!

*Names have been changed to respect client privacy.

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