Why Broccoli is such a key food for female hormone balance

Why Broccoli is such a key food for female hormone balance and how to increase your daily consumption

Broccoli is often promoted as one of the “superfoods” which we should eat more of but understanding exactly why it is so beneficial and how to include in our diets is something I think is not only essential but also motivating for us.

Summarised below is some latest research from an article in the July 2021 Integrative Healthcare & Applied Nutrition Magazine which I hope does exactly this!

Sulforaphane is a natural compound found in cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, bok choi) but broccoli especially is a very rich source.

Sulforaphone has 2 key mechanisms of action for our health:

  1. It activates a pathway which is involved in glutathione synthesis ( our major ant- oxidant ) as well as supporting detoxification ( our key phase 1 and 2 detoxification enzymes)
  2. It promotes healthier oestrogen metabolism in women (and men).

So In a nut shell eating more broccoli will support detoxification which is key for all of us as we try to navigate our way through an ever pervasive and insidiously toxic world, along with supporting healthy oestrogen balance which is key especially in female hormone health.

So how much do we need to eat and in what way can we enjoy eating more of it?

Research shows therapeutic levels are typically 50-75g of cruciferous vegetables (so not just broccoli but those listed above) with 2 daily meals.

Add to this daily where possible 60g fresh broccoli sprouts which are a very concentrated source, available in health food stores and most supermarkets. Broccoli sprouts are easily added to salads, enjoyed on top of savoury dishes or included in a smoothie.

Other ways to enjoy Tenderstream Broccoli

  • Roasted in oven with turmeric and unfiltered olive oil and cauliflower
  • Al dente in salads
  • Roasted with garlic, cumin and lime
  • Raw with Hummus
  • (Lots of lovely recipes in the Ottolenghi Simple Recipe book)

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