New Year Resolutions

new-yearFinding those New Year’s Resolutions hard to keep?

Research shows that by the first week in January many people will have broken their New Year’s resolutions and a quick trawl of social media this weekend confirms this! Changing our habits and therefore our behaviour may be challenging, particularly in January, but if your goal for 2016 is to be healthier, trying these few tips may just help you:

  1. Try cutting out one sweet food from your diet each week. For example replace your afternoon biscuit or cake with an apple or pear and a small handful of nuts or swap dessert after dinner with natural yoghurt and fresh berries
  2. Try to include more protein in your diet which will be digested more slowly and make you feel fuller for longer. For example add beans and pulses to soup or stews and for snacks try nut butter ( my favourite is almond ) with an apple or celery
  3. Adding fibre to your diet with vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, porridge oats, etc promotes a healthy digestive system as well balancing your blood sugar and may help to curb those sugar cravings!
  4. Buy a water bottle (BPA free) and ensure you are drinking 2 litres of filtered water daily to support your energy levels and concentration. Use an app such as “MyWater” to track your intake and add citrus fruits, cucumber, mint or strawberries to add flavour and make your water more inviting to drink!
  5. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine no matter how simple or small. By releasing endorphins, exercise has the ability to change the way we eat, motivates us to eat healthier foods and feel better.
  6. Yes sugar is the word of the moment- become a sugar scout and read labels so that you become aware of all hidden sugars. You may be surprised and encouraged to look for a healthier alternative!