December Detoxification and keeping Energised over the Holiday period

Detoxification, December and the holiday season may not appear to belong in the same sentence but actually it is even more important to be aware of what we can do to keep our energy levels by ensuring optimal detoxification at this busy time of year!!

Keeping detoxification at the forefront of our mind may just help you enjoy the festive season even more this year and be ready for 2016!!!

Signs of compromised detoxification include:

  • flagging energy levels
  • mood swings and irritability
  • brain fog
  • digestive and/or skin complaints

SO optimising your health through choosing detoxifying foods and making healthy lifestyle choices may be just what you need in the run up to the festive season!


  • Mix of spices, herbs and vegetables on wood table
    Mix of spices, herbs and vegetables on wood table

    Eat REAL FOOD, ORGANIC where possible to reduce toxins, including lots of seasonal vegetables including squashes, cabbage, parsnips, celeriac, beetroot and yes those Brussel sprouts

  • Opt for ORGANIC, GRASS FED MEAT again where possible to reduce the toxins that you are ingesting!
  • Drink lots of VEGGIE JUICES to alkalise and hydrate your body and help sustain energy levels
  • Buy raw dark chocolate (as dark as you can find/like) instead of the festive milk chocolate or truffle varieties on sale at Christmas time. Dark chocolate is full of rich anti-oxidants and even better eat it with a few nuts to lower the blood sugar rise and help sustain energy levels the next day.
  • Drink 2 litres of filtered/bottled water during a day (more when exercising and/or when you have enjoyed one too many alcoholic drinks at a festive party). In fact drinking a pint glass of water before you go to bed after a” heavy” evening may help to rehydrate you and ensure you have energy


Sleep, sleep, sleep….

Not easy at this time of year admittedly with lists filling up our iPhones/iPads but sleep is essential if we are to allow our body to detoxify, so plan and stick to:

At least 2 early nights( i.e bed at 10.00pm) each week in the run up to the festive season promote a restful night’s sleep by enjoying a bath with 2/3 cupfuls of Magnesium Epsom salts (available from your local chemist) as the magnesium will be absorbed through your skin. Magnesium is an anti-stress mineral which relaxes muscles, improves digestion and provides energy

image003Exercise, exercise, exercise……

Ensure that you are getting some physical exercise every day, the more intense the better but even 10 minutes will help promote detoxification. Our bodies need to move, and ideally to sweat, in order to allow toxins to be eliminated through our skin, so even if it’s just a brisk walk, a blast on the treadmill/bicycle go for it and as an added bonus this may help limit how much weight you put on over the holiday period!!!

Sauna, Steam or Dry Skin Brushing

Saunas and steam rooms are an excellent way of promoting detoxification as sweating pushes toxins out via the skin (our second largest elimination organ). This of course may be more difficult to find time for in the run up to the holiday period so instead have you tried Dry Skin Brushing which can be done at home. Simply brush dry skin with brisk strokes from feet to hips, wrists to shoulders, and waist down with a skin brush, then moisturise. This stimulates circulation and eliminates toxins (and may even reduce cellulite!)